The World According to Gabriel


This is my first web page. You know making a web page needs a lot of steps:
- get a domain name. I am lucky to register a domain in my name
- then get a web page hoster, this will give you space to keep all your web materials and also email accounts.
- after a lot of treaking, I used iWeb to create this page, but after a few days, iWeb cannot fill the need, so I switched to RapidWeaver.
- points to watch, uploading will be slow, so make sure that the file you upload is as small a possible.
BTW, the guy on my right is Ah Yue, he is now in Canada, my other best friend is Wilfred, who is living near to Ah Yue, but I never have his picture. However, when he saw this web page, he sent me his picture immediately.
This site will be always work-in-progress as I have a lot of stuff to say.